Personal Care Assistance

Personal Care Assistance in Sydney

Let’s take care of those day to day activities

There comes a time in our life when doing day to day activities can get hard. If you or someone you know needs help with getting ready or moving around the house, we can help. The lack of mobility can happen due to age, disability, accident or health condition. We can provide the client with in-home service where we can help them with:

  • Taking shower,
  • Dressing up,
  • Taking medication,
  • Looking after their personal hygiene,
  • Preparing meals and help them eat,
  • Using the bathroom,
  • Getting in or out of bed,
  • Moving around the house,
  • Just having a chat with you for emotional support.

Everyone’s needs are different from time to time, therefore depending on your needs, we can set up anything from a daily visit to fortnightly visit. We can also change the schedule from fortnight to fortnight depending on your needs.

What makes our personal care assistance in Sydney different?

When you hire us, you can be sure that you have put stakes in the best in the business. We understand that providing personal care to someone with limitations and disabilities can be stressful and difficult. Hence, we press into service the very best for our personal care assistance in Sydney.

Our experts are highly trained and more than accustomed to stepping in any situation, and pick up the challenge to extend to necessary personal care assistance. Our fully customised service will seamlessly gel with the lifestyle of every individual and will be effective enough to help the individuals carry out their daily chores. We also help the individuals lead a life of dignity and self esteem to meet their individual objectives of life.

We lift the quality of life

Every expert offering   personal care assistance in Sydney is impeccably trained to deliver personal care in a very discreet as well as respectful way, keeping in mind the personal boundaries of the recipients. They are extensively trained from time to time on the new evolving care methods and are educated on the importance of maintaining dignity & independence of the individual. Our caregivers assist the individuals in every facet of domestic life. They would do whatever it takes to improve quality of life with customised care plans.

How much does it cost and am I eligible?

We cover everyone from 0- 95+. Whether you are a mother who needs assistance with a newborn or you are getting on in years and need help with household chores. At Kinship uniting services, there is help available for everyone.

The cost of your service depends on the funding given to you by NDIS, Age care or any other government scheme/ fund. If you’re not eligible for subsidised services, you can still get our help privately by paying us in full by yourself.

What areas do you cover?

We cover the Blacktown area. Know more about us.